This guide will help you getting started with drifting in Assoluto Racing. Needless to say, enable the manual transmission in your game settings. It's also important to turn off Steering Assist, which will influence the angle of the steering wheels, and Traction Control, which cuts off the power to slipping wheels. Leaving these on will result in unpredictable situations.

> For more info about drifting, see Physics.

Techniques Edit

There are three ways to initiate a drift:

Clutch kick Edit

Accelerate while turning. This way the rear wheels will spin and lose grip. There is no clutch in the game, but with high-performance cars this is possible by simply accelerating. Approach the corner in a high gear, and downshift while acceleration to break the tires loose.

Handbrake entry Edit

Pulling the handbrake will greatly reduce grip of the rear wheels.

Faint entry Edit

A faint entry means that you approach the corner on the inside. Before the start of the corner, you steer to the outside, and use the weight of the car to swing out the back by strongly steering into the apex of the turn. This video explains it better than I do.

Drift Points Edit

> Main article: Drift Points.

In the Drift Points game mode, drift points are counted as long as you keep drifting. After three seconds of not driving, the counted points will be added to your score. Crashing resets your drift points (not your score) so after a long run of drifting, it might be a good idea to take it easy and safely roll or stand still to let the points be added to your score. It would be a shame if you lost thousands of points by crashing in your last corner.

Tuning Edit

A common drifting setup is to lock up the differential (putting diff. accel. on 100%). This causes to car to drift very easily.

However, there are better ways to get to get a feeling of drifting. One of the best ways is to simply keep the car setup default and leave traction on. The next step is to overpower your car by upgrading the engine, exhaust, and the turbo. Leave the street tires on it, and you have a stable drifting car. You can experiment with leaving street tires on the rear wheels and performance tires on the front wheels.

Race options Edit

> Main article: Race Options.

The second tab in race options - car options - contains settings that have a major influence on your driving experience. It is recommended to test out multiple combinations to learn what he options do.

Setting Explanation Recommendation
Traction control Traction control prevents wheel spin. This leads to a smaller chance of oversteering in RWD-cars. off off
ABS The Anti Blocking System prevents brakes from locking up. This ables the car to steer while braking.

The effect on the stopping distance greatly varies per car. In some cars enabling ABS reduces stopping distance, in other cars it extends it.

on on
Steering assist Steering assist helps to steer into the direction the car is driving. This means understeer is basically impossible (when set at 100%) and oversteer is countered. Steering assist has a major impact on your driving. A value of around 50% is recommended for beginners.

It also keeps the car way more stable while drifting, which can help beginners to get he hang of drifting without spinning out every time.

10% 0%
Diff accel The higher, the less difference in wheel speed is allowed between left & right wheels under acceleration & deceleration.

0% = "open" differential, allowing the left & right wheels to spin at completely different speeds independent of each other.

100% = "locked" differential, where the left & right wheels are not permitted to spin at different speeds.

Depends. Weak car: high. Strong car: low.