DodgeViper ACRS+
Dodge Viper ACR
Power645 hp
Weight1530 kg
Acceleration3.3 s
Buying priceSelling price
120,000 Cr
830 Pc
36,000 Cr


This ACR (American Club Racing) version was built in 2016, one year before the Viper's production ended. It is powered by an 8.4L V10, by far the largest engined car (by displacement) in the game. The car is notable for it's rewarding handling despite being on the heavy side. This is in part due to the all-carbon aerodynamic bodykit and retuned suspension (which has 10 settings of adjustment) and carbon ceramic brakes. It can reach a topspeed of 307 km/h.

In game PerformanceEdit

The car has excellent handling as well as good traction for straight line acceleration, rivalling the 3 Lotuses, Nissan GT-R and TVR Cerbera Speed 12 in the game.

It is best used in Multiplayer Quick Race to make the most of it's performance.


The car has quite a long 6th gear, which gives a higher topspeed but much slower acceleration. This can be adjusted by purchasing the Racing transmission in the Tuning shop