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Multiplayer modes

Multiplayer is a feature that was added in Update 1.18.1.

It has three options: Quick RaceQuick Drift and Custom Lobbies.

Quick RaceEdit

Multiplayer (Quick Race)

Quick Race is a Head-To-Head style race, selects a random track and sets 2 laps. For a fair race, only cars in the same class (regardless of tuning) can race each other.

Rewards Edit

Position Reward
1 800
2 320
3  ?
4  ?

Quick DriftEdit

Multiplayer Quick Drift

Quick Drift is 4 player drift race, selects a random track and a set time to gain points by drifting. FF cars are banned from entering drift races.

Rewards Edit

Position Reward
1 2,000
2 1,400
3 1,100
4 700

Custom LobbiesEdit

Custom Lobbies allow players to create and join custom made lobbies. Currently it only has a free roam mode available. Up to 8 players can be in the same session.