The goal of Assoluto Racing is to be as realistic as possible. The main physics of motorsports will be explained in this article.

Racing Edit

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The basic principle of racing is to follow a line in which the least sudden change in direction is accomplished. This line is known as the race line. While staying on this line, it is important to know when to brake and when to start accelerating on the way out of a corner. Not braking long enough will result in understeer, accelerating too early will result in oversteer in RWD cars and in understeer in FWD cars.

FWD vs RWD vs AWD Edit

Front-wheel drive cars behave differently than rear-wheel drive cars or all-wheel drive cars. FWD can be more stable, especially for beginners, but suffers from reduced traction of the front wheels when braking or accelerating. As a result, it is not as direct in corners as RWD. The tricky part of RWD is that accelerating while turning causes the car to oversteer, which can result in a crash when countered wrongly, or not at all. When driven right, RWD can be more effective in accelerating around corners because it won't reduce grip on the front wheels too much.

All-wheel drive vehicles combine the two characteristics. The steering is as direct as an FWD car, and accelerating happens very stable. However it also takes the disadvantage of FWD, which means accelerating while turning greatly reduces turning efficiency.

Drifting Edit

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Last but not least, RWD cars are the best suitable for drifting, because the gas can be used to increase or decrease the turn radius. Accelerating results into less traction of the rear wheels, which results in them swinging out.

A common drifting setup is to lock up the differential (putting diff. accel. on 100%). This causes the car to drift very easily. It is important to turn off Steering Assist, which will influence the angle of the steering wheels, and Traction Control, which cuts off the power to slipping wheels. Leaving these on will result in unpredictable situations.