In Modified Series, the race options can be changed. You can tune your car, and with Racing upgrades, new options are unlocked.

Race options Edit

Laps 1 / 2 / 3 / 5 / 10 The more laps you drive, the more chance on a good lap time. The apex touches (silver) and clean lap (gold) bonuses are counted of your fastest lap.

Car settings Edit

These settings can be changed before any type of race, including Unmodified Series.

Traction control on / off Traction control prevents wheel spin. This leads to a smaller chance of oversteering in RWD-cars.
ABS on / off The Anti Blocking System prevents brakes from locking up. This ables the car to steer while braking.

The effect on the stopping distance greatly varies per car. In some cars enabling ABS reduces stopping distance, in other cars it extends it.

Steering assist 0% - 100% Steering assist helps to steer into the direction the car is driving, similar to the force a real steering wheel gives. This means understeer is basically impossible (when set at 100%) and oversteer is countered. Steering assist has a major impact on your driving. A value of around 50% is recommended for beginners.

It also keeps the car way more stable while drifting, which can help beginners to get he hang of drifting without spinning out every time.

Diff accel 0% - 100% The higher, the less difference in wheel speed is allowed between left & right wheels under acceleration & deceleration.

0% = "open" differential, allowing the left & right wheels to spin at completely different speeds independent of each other.

100% = "locked" differential, where the left & right wheels are not permitted to spin at different speeds.

Tires Edit

Front tires Street / Sport / Semi-slick / Slick From left to right more grip. Tires can be bought in the Tuning menu.
Rear tires Street / Sport / Semi-slick / Slick
Front tires pressure 10 - 45 Lower pressure means 'squishier' tyres, so more of the tyre in contact with the road. Increase in overall grip, but also increase in tyre wear, and reduced speed in a straight line.

Higher pressure is just the reverse. Tyres are firmer, so less of the tyre against the road surface, lower grip, but less friction so faster in a straight line.

Rear tires pressure 10 - 45

Transmission options Edit

Requires a racing transmission.

Final drive 2.2 - 6.1 The overall ratio between the turning speed of the engine and the output shaft. A lower ratio means more torque, but a lower top speed.
1st 0.5 - 6 The ratio between the turning speed of the engine and the output shaft per gear. A lower ratio means more torque, but a lower top speed.
2nd 0.5 - 6
3rd 0.5 - 6
4th 0.5 - 6
5th 0.5 - 6

Suspension options Edit

Requires the Racing Suspension.

Max steer angle 40° - 60° The maximum steering angle
Ackerman angle 0 - 1 While turning, the wheels on the inside follow a smaller circle than the wheels on the outside of the turn. The higher this number, the bigger this difference.
Front negative camber -5 - 0 The angle of the wheels on the road. This angle might improve grip of the outer wheels in corners, but decrease grip on straight forward driving.
Rear negative camber -5 - 0

Brakes options Edit

Requires Racing Brakes.

Brakes balance Rear - Front Rear brake balance promotes oversteer in the way into the corner, but reduces braking efficiency.